Pro Audio Gear Reviews and Comparisons

Learn about pro audio gear from an expert before purchasing. Compare the specs and capabilities of similar equipment to ensure you get the functionality you need. Make sure what you’re purchasing will last and provide good service for years to come. Purchase gear that enhances your performance, is easy to setup and use, and most importantly, let’s you focus on your music.

Best Compact Line Array Speakers: Line Array Shootout

Bose began making these compact systems in the early 2000’s and now the other companies are following suit. From lightweight systems to hefty ones, companies are pushing the envelope on what compact line array speakers can do. Which one best fits you? Check out this review and find the best compact line array speakers for your needs.

Best Small Mixer for Live Performance: Mini Mixers with Effects

Pro audio mixing boards aren’t big and bulky like they used to be. Picking the right one for your use is critical. Whether you’re playing live music, recording an EP or live streaming a podcast, you must make sure your compact mixing board is right for the task at hand. I will compare four compact mixers in my search for the best small mixer for live performance and let’s find one that works well on stage!

Best Busking Amp: Battery Powered Amp Street Fight

Busking is popular in most large cities now. Find a good street corner in a busy area and perform right there on the street. It is important; however, to pick the right busking amp for your situation. Check out our latest comparison review and discover which is the best busking amp for your needs.

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